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Baekhyun/D.O., slice-of-life, college!AU, pg, ~1000 words
Written for this prompt at exopromptmeme

When Chanyeol first sees Byun Baekhyun he thinks he’s found The One. The dream is shattered approximately two seconds later with the sudden appearance of another good looking boy from behind Baekhyun. He stands subtly within Baekhyun's personal space, and their fingers lightly brush against each other's.

“Your boyfriend?” Chanyeol asks weakly.

“Yes,” Baekhyun grins, casually slinging an arm around the other boy. His boyfriend’s face remains neutral but he doesn’t shake Baekhyun off.

“I’m Kyungsoo,” He says, holding his hand out to Chanyeol. “Baekhyun’s childhood friend.”

“So mean,” Baekhyun pouts, pinching Kyungsoo on the cheek. Kyungsoo responds by hooking his arm tightly around Baekhyun’s neck.

Chanyeol stares.

Since that day, Chanyeol occasionally hears Baekhyun explaining his relationship with Kyungsoo as a love-hate relationship. “Without the love,” Kyungsoo always adds at the end, which leads to Baekhyun shoving him playfully. No matter how many times he’s heard Baekhyun explain it, Chanyeol never could really quite wrap his mind around the concept. He’s never really seen them do anything remotely couple-like, like making out at the university library or texting each other good morning or good night, or sitting in each other’s laps in the dining hall even though there’s ample seating available. Or holding hands. Surely holding hands would be the most basic indicator of a lover’s affection?

But Baekhyun has become one of his best friends and Kyungsoo is a great PHYSICS-130 study buddy so Chanyeol decides to not question it.


Wu Fan likes his job at the university library because it’s an efficient use of his time. He likes getting paid to sit at a desk and complete his problem sets, interrupted only by students coming to check out books and ask questions about the printer. Wu Fan thinks if people would just read the sign above the printer with detailed step by step instructions on how to pay for printing, the number of questions would decrease drastically.

One of the few things Wu Fan dislikes is when people come to him to complain about couples engaging in noisy and distracting PDA. There's nothing more annoying than having to tell couples to go suck face somewhere out of his line of vision. That’s why he likes that one couple that always occupies the seats closest to the windows. He doesn’t know the two of them personally, but his roommate Chanyeol talks about Baekhyun and Kyungsoo a lot so Wu Fan feels some sort of weird connection with them.

If it wasn’t for Chanyeol, Wu Fan would never know the two were dating. Wu Fan has never heard a single complaint about the couple. They are mostly silent, a mountain of books and notes separating them. Sometimes they engage in violent games of footsie and on very rare occasions one will reach into a bag of chocolates he technically isn’t supposed to have and feed the other. It’s not that different from what Wu Fan and his friends do on a daily basis.

Wu Fan shrugs and goes back to solving a particularly challenging calculus problem. Maybe he’ll make ramen for his girlfriend for dinner tonight. If he’s feeling particularly ambitious he might even throw some fresh vegetables into the mix because Wu Fan is fancy like that.


Joonmyeon always does his laundry on Thursdays because he hates doing things last minute, and trying to beat the Sunday laundry rush by getting up at 7am in the morning isn’t his idea of a fun time. Occasionally there’s one or two people down in the laundry room on Thursdays that share his level of preparedness. Today, there are two boys gathering their wet clothes from one of the machines.

“Baekhyun, how many times do I have to tell you to separate our underwear from our outerwear?” Joonmyeon hears the first boy complain.

“Sorry Kyungsoo,” Baekhyun smiles unapologetically. “But if we just dump it all into one cycle we can save a dollar!”

“I already tolerate you not separating our lights and darks,” Kyungsoo mutters, wringing out a pair of shorts before throwing them into a dryer. “Did you at least remember to bring down quarters for the dryer?”

Baekhyun shuffles uncomfortably for a moment before grabbing his keys from the top of the washing machine, speeding out of the laundry room. Kyungsoo turns to Joonmyeon and rolls his eyes before throwing more clothes into the dryer.

It’s one of the more interesting laundry days Joonmyeon has had this year.


Sehun doesn’t really like going to frat parties but Jongin had begged and whined and threatened to post the pictures of him making and eating those butt-shaped pancakes on Facebook so Sehun goes to the stupid party.

“This is stupid,” Sehun shouts over the sound of some Top-40 track that’s blaring out of the speakers. It’s hot and smelly in the house and Sehun just wants to be back in his room curled up with his laptop.

“You’re stupid!” Jongin shouts back, swaying along to the music. Sehun shoots him an annoyed glare, taking a sip out of the bottled water he brought just in case.

“Can we go back to the dorm so we can make out or something?” Sehun whines and Jongin laughs.

“Why make out back at the dorm when we can make out here?” Jongin wiggles his eyebrows suggestively, pointing to the couch a few feet away from them. Sehun's eyes follow Jongin’s finger and stop at the couple occupying the couch. Said couple is making out furiously, faces pressed so closely together Sehun’s not sure if he can distinguish one face from another. Boy-on-top is moving his lips to suck on boy-on-bottom’s neck, who is moaning like it’s his job.

Next to Sehun, Chanyeol from that one seminar class the two of them are taking just to get an easy A is snapping pictures of the couple. “This is so going on Facebook,” He yells excitedly.

“What even,” Sehun says flatly.


“Good morning,” Kyungsoo says, leaning down to kiss his boyfriend.

“Ew, morning breath,” Baekhyun protests and attempts to shift Kyungsoo off of him. Kyungsoo pouts so Baekhyun humors him, arching up slightly to plant a kiss on the side of his mouth. Next to them, Baekhyun’s phone buzzes so he reaches out and finds 10 new texts and 20 new Facebook notifications. Frowning, Baekhyun investigates his new-found popularity and finds that Chanyeol has posted rather compromising pictures of him and Kyungsoo from that frat party last night. Well then.

“Kyungsoo, I think you may want to take a look at this.”

Kyungsoo stares at the images, eyes widening as he reads the comments their friends have posted under the pictures. “Fuck.”

“Tempting, but we have class in a half hour,” Baekhyun yawns and Kyungsoo hits his bare shoulder.

“I’m untagging us from these pictures,” Kyungsoo calls as Baekhyun makes his way to the bathroom to brush his teeth. “And then I’m going to kill Chanyeol.”

“Only if you let me help,” Baekhyun grins.

Baekhyun and I share the same sentiments about laundry. Additionally, buy lots and lots of underwear. #CollegeLifeHacks

Tags: pairing: baekhyun/d.o.
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